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“Water Girl is a community of women crafters who make unique, high-quality gifts that help us express our gratitude for each other. We’re about spreading positivity and joy with each gift you give.”


The Water Girl Brand.

Happy. Bold. Thankful.

With a focus on gifts you’ll love.

Inspired by the joy of water and gratitude.

Our love for the water is real. It’s instinctive. Water can make us healthier, happier, bring out our inner child and bring a sense of peace.  Our gifts show how water connects us to each other.

A devotion to quality

You’ll see our passion for quality when you receive a Water Girl product. From the careful packaging to the quality-oriented, hand-crafted materials, the gifts are built to last and will be counted amongst your favorite things.

Empowering women jewelers and crafters.

We love to help women succeed by doing “what they love to do.” Our carefully curated products are produced by women across the United States, and their talents are reflected in the unique, lovingly crafted designs you’ll find in our gifts. From California to Massachusetts, we’re helping women subsidize their income with their contributions to Water Girl products.

Riding a wave of gratitude.

At Water Girl, “WG” also stands for “with gratitude”. Our products will add fun to your day and say thanks to someone who has touched your life in a positive way.

Our hope is that everyone receiving a gift will, in turn, send a gift to someone else—creating a wave of gratitude across the country.

Water Girl Brand

a wave of gratitude

a ray of sunshine

Water Girl is a woman-owned, positive movement company. At Water Girl, we craft unique, water-themed gifts that celebrate both our love for the water and our gratitude for each other.