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Share Your Story

Share Your Story

What is your story?

How do you feel when you’re experiencing the water?
Who or what, in your life, are you most grateful for?

We are inspired by water—seeing it, playing and swimming in it, walking next to it, fishing in it, traveling on it, drinking it, writing about it, painting it, photographing it. Water touches all of our lives in unique ways. We create lasting memories in and around the water.

“Water is something that humanity has cherished since the beginning of history, and it means something different to everyone.”


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Share your passion. Share your story. Let the world know how the water makes you feel!

Let the world know what you are most grateful for! 

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  • Share your love for the water with us in a few paragraphs! Or share with us a story of gratitude!
    Example prompts:
      Why are you passionate about the water?
      What is your favorite water activity?
      Why are you grateful for the water in your life?
      Who or what, in your life, are you most grateful for? And why?

  • I give Water Girl permission to post my story on the Water Girl website and to make any necessary edits (shortening, grammar, etc.) for space and clarity reasons. I understand that Water Girl has the right to decline my story for posting. I do not hold Water Girl accountable for any legal or personal problems that may arise from my story submission.