I am passionate about my family. Being in the midst of that love and that enduring bond is something that makes my heart sing. I am the oldest of five. I have one sister, three brothers, and amazing parents. My sister and her husband have three kids now in their 20’s and the oldest, Molly, is my Godchild. She is 26. What a blessing to be a Godmother involved in her life and to share any time together – vacations, yoga, running, family gatherings.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed being near or in the water. From my early years growing up on Oahu, to the beaches of the North and South Shore of Massachusetts, to Siesta Key Beach in Florida or the Caribbean and Bahamas for many years of family vacations. The sound of the surf and the reliability of the tide rising and ebbing reaffirm that there is something Greater underlying everything. Whether swimming in the ocean or a pool, or walking a winding stretch of sand along the water’s edge – this proximity to water is a balm for my soul. My passion is simply staying connected to this element. It is meditative, restorative, affirming, and full of wonder. The attached picture is from a family vacation that my sister and her husband took many years ago and I love this picture of Molly and me. We were just enjoying the water and the peace and simplicity.

Sometimes in the simplest of moments therein lies the gift and the joy. When we stop racing around and doing and moving and… just pause – to be present for someone – it is so precious, almost sacred. This picture reminds me of my deep gratitude for my family, for the buoyancy we have together through the challenges of life and also the laughter and uplifting days. Through it all we are reminded that we are deeply connected. Not only to each other but to the earth – to this everlasting element of water.

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