Saltwater is in my blood.

I was born a Water Girl. My dad is a professor at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, so I grew up boating with my family every summer. A teacher in the classroom and in real life, my dad raised me to know the ins and outs of boating and navigation. I even worked as a Coast Guard certified Launch Driver for 6 years. I just love being on the water. And I love the surprised looks on some people’s faces when they see a woman behind the helm. The ocean empowers me.

It also brings me home. Whenever I am by the ocean, I feel a deep sense of belonging. It reminds me of my childhood, my roots, and some of my fondest memories with my family. The ocean makes me feel small, in a good way. It reminds me that we are all a part of something bigger. And even though its boundless depth and power can sometimes be intimidating, I like to remember that even a small drop in the ocean makes ripples.

Be a drop of something positive in your ocean!

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