AnnMy love for the ocean began as a young child when summers were spent at my grandparents’ cottage in Scarborough, Maine. I spent August at Higgins beach until I was 9 years old. After that, all of my summers were spent at my family’s summer home in York Harbor Maine—where I met my husband. The salt air, calmness, and beauty of the ocean create a sense of both tranquility and inspiration in my work.

My paintings are impressions of found and imagined colors of the landscape, using nature as my inspiration. I paint mostly along the New England coast or work from my sketches, photographs, or memory. Shapes, which are first blocked in with values of limited color, become more informative as the mood develops and the subtlety of colors, is complete. I hope to share the magic sense of place found in my favorite locations while leaving something unsaid for the viewer’s imagination.

I grew up on the shores of York Harbor, Maine, and have studied with nationally recognized artists and prominent New England artists. My work has been displayed throughout New England. I paint in oil, pastel, and watercolor, ranging from representational landscape and seascape to a semi-abstract series of shorebirds and sealife. The sensitive and ethereal quality of my paintings represents my deep love for nature, especially the sea, while giving my work distinction.

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