Jenna Growing up, my family fostered my love of the outdoors with backyard activities, yearly camping trips, and summer camps. As a young adult, I ventured out on my own and continued with the camping tradition, adding hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, and snorkeling to the list. It didn’t take long to realize that I loved being on the go, especially when the destination involved a backpack and a beach.

In search of adventure, wellness, and renewal, my most recent journey across the world led me to Gili Air in Indonesia; an island so tiny that the perimeter can be walked in about an hour – barefoot. My extended stay solidified my love of island life: early sunrises, a slow pace, fresh air, sandy feet, kind locals, outdoor showers, bathing suits and flip flops, hammocks in palm trees, smoothies . . . the list is endless. Island life forces one to break from a busy routine, and a simple routine is formed. This routine highlights all that one really needs: sun, fresh air, simple foods, basic shelter, and human connection. My routine nourished my soul: wake up with the sun, walk with the local critters to an open-air bamboo yoga studio, practice self-care, and gratitude, savor a freshly made smoothie of local fruit, meander to a spot on the beach, chat with the local vendors, and seek out the tiniest of shells in between naps and cooling dips in the crystal clear water.

Being near water continues to foster my love of adventure, overall wellness and renewal, and my love of nature while providing that much needed time for quiet contemplation and mindfulness. When in doubt, head to the water!

Location: Pembroke, MA

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