DebraTop 10 Memories & Reasons I Love the Water

  1. Floating on an inner tube on the many hidden coves of Casco Bay.
  2. Snorkeling anywhere in the Caribbean.
  3. Swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove.
  4. Memories of Humarock Beach days with my mom as a kid.
    • The years when the perfect sandbar formed making the best swimming pools ever!
    • Playing and swimming in the warm August surf.
    • Digging holes in the sand waiting for the tide to come rushing in.
  5. Celebrating my 50th Birthday in the crystal clear waters of The Exumas.
    • Swimming with the pigs. Yes! Swimming pigs!
    • Waiting for the sharks to pass (like it was normal!) before going back into the water.
    • Floating with the current on inner tubes at Pirates Beach.
  6. Boating any chance I can.
  7. The time I tried to water ski – LOL.
  8. Heading to the beach as a teen with my transistor radio in tow listening to Andy Gibb, Gerry Rafferty, or James Taylor.
  9. Swimming and playing at Goose Rocks Beach with cousins.
  10. Paddleboarding over baby hammerheads, nurse sharks and rays on the flats of Key West.

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