Ever since I was a little girl, I was drawn to the water’s edge. Something about the smell, the salt, the sand, the way the light dances on the waves … it’s like an endless security blanket with its soothing sounds and the warmth of the sun. Summers were always the best part of my childhood. Memories abound: the smell of coconut sunblock, splashing in the surf, collecting sea glass, jumping off the local bridges, and sharing all the magic that the beach has to offer with friends and family. And don’t forget the fried clams and penny candy!

Having parents that were equally inspired by and passionate about the ocean further ignited my love for it. My mother is an accomplished seascape artist and my father was a poet and sailor. Among the many valuable lessons they taught me, one stands out: that much like life itself, the ocean should always be both appreciated and respected. “It can turn on a dime,” they would tell me.

As an adult, my love for the water has become all-encompassing. From relaxing by the water, floating in it, boating, sailing, and paddleboarding–and still dreaming about trying surfing someday–the water symbolizes so many things for me: calmness, solitude, relaxation, balance, challenge, beauty, fear and strength. It’s become part of who I am. I feel so connected to its power. On a simpler note, it just makes me smile!

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